Dad’s Feet Up Box


Treat him to the essentials this Father’s Day…


All of the essentials to put the feet up and relax!

6 Pack of Tayto, Jacobs Mikado Biscuits, Elite Chocolate Kimberley’s, Cadbury Curley Wurley 5 Pack, Cadbury 2x Dairy Milk Bar, Cadbury 4x Pack of Crunchie Bars, Emerald Original Irish Caramels, Cadbury Sandwich Snack Bars, Barratt Dib Dab, Chewits, Refresher Bar, Stinger Bar, Wham Bar, Macaroon Bar, Love Hearts Sweets, Flump, Fathers Day Mug 11oz White, Fathers Day Coaster Black, Best Dad Ever Magnet

Arrives in Luxury Gift Box



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