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  • Kintsugi Kit
      Kintsugi is a form of Japanese art whereby broken ceramics are repaired with intentional visible repairs. These repairs embellish the object and emphasize the importance of celebrating and highlighting imperfections, instead of erasing them. 🥰 A fun and unique gift ✅ It’s time we start embracing flaws and imperfections.❤️ Kintsugi Repair Kit includes: 1x Ceramic Bowl 1x Paint Brush 1x Epoxy Resin Glue 1x Gold Powder 1x Set of Gloves
  • Chocolate Bar Making Kit Gift
    The only thing better than chocolate, is being able to make your own. 😍 Your Fun Choc Bar Making Kit arrives fully prepped and ready to go, with all the ingredients and materials included to design your own chocolate bars. You’re all set to get creating some delicious choccy! 🍫 A fantastic gift ✅ Your sweet kit includes:  Ingredients: Belgian Milk Choc Chips 🍫 Belgian White Choc Chips 🧁 Belgian Dark Choc Chips🍫 Toppings: Dried Strawberries🍓 Almond Halves 🥜 Candied Orange Peel🍊 Marshmallows 🔥 Coconut Chips 🥥 Equipment: Spatula x1🥄 Fun Chef Hat x1🧑‍🍳 Chocolate Bar Silicone Mould x2🍫